How to check Exam Result with SMS

some candidates/ Student in My country Nigeria mustly always find it hard to check their results after taking an examination here in Nigeria.
How To Check Examination Results Through SMS here in Nigeria is easy
It may be because some of them are not conversant with the use of phone or the internet in checking their results using the provided results checking portals of the various examination bodies I think .
That is why I have decide to put up a Easy step by step guide to ensure that you will be able to check your results using the various SMS results checking numbers provided by the various exam bodies.

Before you jump into the process of checking your results using only your mobile phone, you should note that there are some important things/requirements that are needed by you in order to do that.
Your mobile phone.
A working SIM card
Make sure you have airtime in the SIM card
With the above listed things, you can be able check your results from the comfort of your home, everyone wants comfort and I believe so do you.
Now to begin the procedures to check the results of some major exam bodies in Nigeria like JAMB, WAEC, and NECO etc.
Am going to start by giving a little information about the various examination bodies and present leaders of the various bodies.

JAMB which stands for “joint admission and matriculation board”, was founded in the year 1978 by the Nigeria ministry of education.
The joint admission and matriculation board is a Nigeria based entrance examination for tertiary institutions (universities, polytechnics, colleges, innovative institutions etc)
The joint admission and matriculation board have since inception conducted many examinations for intended candidates wishing to go into higher institutions upon completion of their secondary school education.
Moreover, so far the joint admissions and matriculation board have proven to be capable for the job as can be seen by their past-concluded examinations and other processes of getting candidates into higher institutions.
The present registrar and chief executive of the joint admission and matriculation board is Professor Oloyede who was born October 1954.

JAMB candidates can check their results with two SMS numbers
(08021001007 and 55019) and the procedures are listed below:
JAMB candidates can simply send RESULT via SMS to 55019 using the same number that was used for registration
After entering the information correctly, your result will be replied as an SMS shortly after.
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The reply will state the candidate’s name and a complete breakdown of the result and the total score:
Samuel Miracle
Mathematics 70
English Language 75
Physics 78
Chemistry 85
Aggregate: 308
You can as well use this second method to check your JAMB result.
Go to text message on your phone and start a new text message.
Type Scratch card PIN number*Registration*Your GSM phone number and send to 08021001007.
Example: 78497753376*IG87436578*07034545553
Then your result will be sent as the reply of the message you just sent.

Knowing how to check your JAMB examination center can come in handy especially if you misplace your printed examination slip.
Go to text message and type
JAMB registration number*Scratch card PIN number and send to 32327
Example: IG87436578*78497753376

WAEC stands for “west African examination council” and it was established in the year 1952 with the aim of conducting secondary school final year examination for SS3 students among member nations.
Some of the member countries are Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Gambia.
The head of WAEC at the headquarter is Mr. Pateh Bah and the national leader here in Nigeria is Mr. Patrick Areghan.

To check your WAEC result using SMS:
Go to text message and start a new message by typing in the following on the new text message screen:
WAEC*Exam Number*PIN*Exam Year and send to 32327
(MTN, CELTA and GLO subscribers only)
WAEC*6734348347*676367348394317*2020 and send to 32327
NOTE: Ensure you adhere to the format above.
There should be no space in the message.
Wait for your result to be delivered to your phone via SMS (cost N30 only)

NECO stands for national examination council and it was formed by the federal government of Nigeria as an examination body for secondary school final year students in Nigeria and an alternative to WAEC.
A former head of state in Nigeria formed it in April 1999 and the geographic scope is in Nigeria only to take up the responsibilities of the national board for educational measurement (NBEM) that was already in operation.

To check your NECO result through SMS just goes to text message and key in the following:
NECO*registration number*year of exam* NECO scratch card pin number and send to 32327
NECO*6734348347*2020*657865939837563785 and send to 32327
That is it, I have been able to cover some major examination body in Nigeria and this article will always be updated with any new development in checking your examination result with SMS and any other examination body that will be added in the future.
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Checking some of the major examination results through text and SMS is good, as it will save you some time and cost of data and other things.
So just reread this post carefully and ensure to do as stated and follow all the text-messaging rules as stated above to avoid making a mistake.
What do you think?
Have any question to ask me? Do that using the comment box and I will reply you immediately or you can use the contact page to message me and I will ensure to reply you as soon as possible.
Have you tried checking your result? Let me know by dropping a comment below.
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