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Thursday, 16 July 2020

Simple internet abbreviations you need to know

The world is going more advanced in terms of science and technology every blessed day and I guess no one would like to be left behind!

That is why I am here to always feed you with the latest tricks and tips in technological advancement in this our world.

Knowledge they say is power, when you know something no one will cheat you and make you look like a dummy or a foolish person.

If you know something then you will always out smart your peers and friend circle.

here I am going to be listing down some telecommunications/internet abbreviations that might be important to you and might help you out in one way or the other.

Often time you see some of these abbreviations on the internet, your phone, on electronics and many other places,
However, you do not know what they mean and you do not care to know because there is no available resource for you to do that.

But trust me, I have come across such things myself so thought it will be wise to research on them and let you know what some of those abbreviations stands for.


Many times at some places, you might have wish to have known what a particular abbreviation stands for, but after that time you just feel relax ,

However, I bet you, some of these abbreviations often come up in questions on aptitude test for candidates of the following bodies:

    1. Military aptitude tests (Army, Navy, Air Force, Intelligence corps etc)
    2. Police aptitude tests (Police, Civil Defense, NYSC, Immigration, Custom and Road Safety Corps etc)
    3. Cadet Academies Entrance Exam (Police academy, Defense academy, Corps academies etc)
    4. School Scholarship Aptitude tests (universities and innovative institutions etc)

Therefore, it is important that you should take notes of some of these abbreviations so that you will not fall your hand one and look like a dummy in the public or lose some marks in your entrance exams because of these simple abbreviations that you would have taken notes of.

So without wasting any time, let us get started to some popular abbreviations that you should know about.


      1. GSM: Global system for mobile communications.
      2. MTN: Mobile telephone network.
      3. NCC: Nigeria communications commission.
      4. SIM: Subscribers identification module.
      5. PUK: PIN unblocking keys.
      6. PIN: Personal identification number.
      7. GOOGLE: Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth.
      8. YAHOO: Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle.
      9. MSN: Microsoft Network.
      10. CCTV: Closed circuit television.
      11. Gmail: Google mail.
      12. Email: Electronic mail.
      13. WI-FI: Wireless fidelity.
      14. OTP: One time password.
      15. USB: Universal serial bus.
      16. ATM: Automated teller machine.
      17. PDF: Portable document format.
      18. HD: High definition.
      19. JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group.
      20. NET: Network.
      21. COM: Company/Commercial.
      22. HP: Hewlett-Packard.
      23. LCD: Liquid-crystal-display.
      24. GIF: Graphics Interchange Format.
      25. BMW: Bavarian motor works.
      26. JOB: Just obey boss.
      27. HTC: High tech computer.
      28. HTTP: Hypertext transfer protocol.
      29. HTTPS: hypertext transfer protocols secure.
      30. IDD: International direct dialing.
      31. DC: Direct current.
      32. BAIC: Barring off all incoming calls.
      33. PMB: Per unit billing.
      34. PSB: Per seconds billing.
      35. Bi: Basic information.
      36. OSS: Operational and support sub-system.
      37. HLR: Home location register.
      38. SMS: Short message service.
      39. ISDN: Integrated service digital network.
      40. PC: Personal computer.
      41. PTC: Private telecommunications center.
      42. MRF: Mobile radio frequency.
      43. IMEI: International mobile equipment identity.
      44. CUG: Close users group.
      45. MCC: Mobile country code.
      46. CW: Call waiting.
      47. MMS: Multimedia message service.
      48. WAP: Wireless application.
      49. GPRS: General packet radio service.
      50. RFID: Radio frequency identification.
      51. LAN: Local area network.
      52. APP: Application (s).
      53. WP: WordPress 
      54. FTP: File Transfer Protocol.

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