Alert Alert Alert avoid using the mention VPN

*Stop Using Any VPN Some might get your phone damaged *
What is VPN???What are the uses of VPN??Why should we stop using ProXpn VPN
VPN which is fully know as Virtue Private Network is a app that defend your mobile phone from any spying gadget or any harmful virus
There are many use of VPN Virtual Private Network which some of them are :- It gives free unlimited data, it make mobile network faster, it prevent your mobile from spying gadgets and also change your mobile IP address 
The main Reason for me written this Article is for making Viewers know that a VPN Virtual Private Network called ProXPN VPN is very harmful because the company has been down since 2018 when the founder of the company die and the app hasn’t been updated on Google playstore since then many of there website security documents has expired and also receiving many Complains from there users

So please be careful 🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮
Here are some of the Users complains have seen so far

And here is the top list of most Secure VPN Virtual Private Network 2020
2.Nord VPN
3.Twearkware VPN
4.24/7 Clean VPN
5.Turbo VPN
*Conclusion* please do not use any VPN Virtual Private Network which you find and discover that there is many complain about it maybe online or under there site because once you download any VPN Virtue Private Network nd connect will be incharge of all the details and Document you have saved and entered to you system or Mobile phone

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